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Kill Team Nightmare (Inglés)

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Night Lords and Drukhari Mandrakes stalk each other around a vital generatorum hub

Includes an exclusive book loaded with new rules, missions, and background, along with datacards and token sheets

Solo en inglés.

The world of Bheta-Decima slides towards utter ruination. From the lightless void comes a Nemesis Claw of the Night Lords Traitor Legion, twisted warriors motivated by cruelty and selfish desire. Yet as these ancient predators hunt for technological treasures on the ocean-rigs of Bheta-Decima, they are hunted in turn by the Mandrakes of Aelindrach – and it may be that even these sadistic monsters have met their gruesome match.

Kill Team: Nightmare is the latest expansion for Kill Team, plunging you into a ghastly shadow-war amidst the industrial ruins